Lodz University of Technology University.

Lodz University of Technology (TUL)  was founded in 1945 and has become one of the largest technical universities in Poland. Originally located in a former factory building, it now covers nearly 200,000 square meters in over 70 separate buildings, most of them situated in the main area of ​​the University.

Currently, nearly 15,000 students are studying at the University. Around 3,000 employees carry out the University’s educational and scientific tasks.

The Lodz University of Technology is a well-established institution of higher education with an evolved structure. Prospective students have nine faculties to choose from and many additional units that allow for interdisciplinary studies, study support, foreign language teaching, entertainment, and sports.

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Nicolaus Copernicus University

Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń (NCU) was founded in 1945. It is one of the largest universities in Poland, currently covering 17 faculties (including three medical faculties at Collegium Medicum UMK in Bydgoszcz).

It offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses to nearly 25 students, offering instruction in more than 000 areas of study and 100 postgraduate courses.

The University employs 4039 staff on the Toruń and Bydgoszcz campuses, more than half of whom are academic professors. NCU students now number about 200.

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Poznan University of Technology

The PUT was officially established in 1955, and the first rector was Roman Kozak. But a state school had been in Poznań since 1919, under the name Higher School of State Machines. After adding a second department in 1929, its name was changed to the Superior School of Machinery and Electrotechnics.

It was to become the University of Technology in 1940, but World War II halted its development. In 1945, the school gained the status of Higher School of Engineering, and in 1955 it became the University of Technology.

The Poznań University of Technology, PUT (Polish name: Politechnika Poznańska) is located in Poznań, Poland. The Poznań University of Technology is known as one of the best technical universities in Poland. Wrap ranked PUT as one of the top 6% universities globally, and Webometrics ranked it no. 842 worldwide by Google quotes for 2015.

In 1995, it became the first Polish University to become a member of the Conference of European Schools of Education and Research in Advanced Engineering (CESAER). This organization includes the best technical universities in Europe. However, the University is also a member of the Socrates-Erasmus program for exchange students across Europe, promoting advanced engineering and a European dimension.

The University is home to many organizations and student circles, and the radio station Afera 98.6 MHz. The University has over 21,000 students and over 1100 academic staff.

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University of Gdansk

The University of Gdańsk is a dynamically developing higher education institution that combines respect for tradition with a devotion to the new. We offer a very wide range of academic disciplines and an equally wide range of disciplines that lead to professional qualifications in demand in the labor market.

An increasing proportion of students pursue their studies in state-of-the-art facilities on the University’s Baltic Campus, one of the largest university complexes in northern Poland.

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University of Lodz

The University of Lodz is a responsible higher education institution, directing its actions of intercultural and social integration. Currently, 95 nationalities are studying at the University of Lodz.

Our University builds the academic community around the values ​​of respect for cultural, religious, and community identities and social sensitivity. UL strives to educate active global citizens who think critically, understand the complexity and diversity of perspectives that underlie most global issues.

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University of Silesia in Katowice

The roots of the University of Silesia in Katowice date back to 1928 when the Instytut Pedagogiczny w Katowicach (Pedagogical Institute of Katowice) was founded in Katowice, which existed until 1939. In 1950, the Higher School of Pedagogy in Katowice was established. The formation of what would later become the University of Silesia at Katowice was taken shortly after World War II.

The University of Silesia in Katowice (Polish: Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach, UŚ) is an autonomous state university in the Province of Silesia, Katowice, Poland. Not to be confused with an equally named university in the Czech Republic, the University of Silesia at Opava (Slezská Univerzita v Opavě).

The University offers higher education and research facilities. Offers undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Undergraduate programs and graduate, postdoctoral research, habilitation, and continuing education and training programs.

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University of Wroclaw

The University of Wrocław (UWr; Polish: Uniwersytet Wrocławski; German: Universität Breslau; Latin: Universitas Wratislaviensis) is a public research university located in Wrocław, Poland. The University of Wrocław was founded in 1945, replacing the former German University of Breslau.

After the territorial changes of Poland’s borders, academics mainly from the Jan Kazimierz University of Lwów (now Lviv, Ukraine) restored the University building heavily damaged and divided due to the Battle of Breslau (1945). Today it is one of the most outstanding educational institutions in the region.

Currently, the University is the largest in Lower Silesian Voivodeship, with more than 100,000 graduates since 1945, including some 1,900 researchers, many of whom have received the highest awards for their contribution to the development of scientific scholarships.

The University of Wrocław is known for its relatively high quality of teaching, ranking 44th in the QS University Rankings: EECA 2016, and is located on the same campus as the former University of Breslau, which produced 9 Nobel Prize winners.

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Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Polish: Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego, SGGW) is Poland’s largest agricultural University, founded in 1816 in Warsaw.

It employs more than 2,600 employees, including more than 1,200 academic educators. Since 2005, the University has been a member of the Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS), created in 2001. The SGGW offers around 37 different fields of study, 13 faculties in Agricultural Sciences, Economics, Humanities, Techniques, and Life Sciences.

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FAQ about the best universities in Poland

Is Poland good for international students?

As one of the top destinations for international students, Poland offers an enriching cultural experience for students arriving from all over the world. Most students in Poland have only nice things to say about landmarks, beautiful scenery, city life, and various social activities.

Are universities free in Poland?

Higher education in Poland is free for Polish citizens. Otherwise, international students must pay tuition fees, which typically range between $2,230-4,180 per year at public universities in Poland.

Is it worth studying in Poland?

If the answer is yes, take the time to think about studying in Poland. … So if you choose to study in Europe, it’s worth the extra effort to select not only a top-notch university but also a pleasant place to live, with friendly people, interesting history, and vibrant society.

Why do students choose Poland to study?

Students choose Poland because of its high-quality educational institutions, low tuition fees, and similarly low cost of living.


In conclusion, Poland is an exciting and modern destination for international students. Polish universities have had more success in international university rankings in recent years. The highest-ranked universities in Poland are the University of Warsaw (the largest) and the Jagiellonian University in Krakow (the oldest in the country, dating back to the 14th century).

If you want to study in Poland, this article contains a list of the 15 best schools in Poland. Could you take advantage of it?

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