Jagiellonian Top 7 University For Students.

Jagiellonian University is the oldest institution of higher education in Poland and one of the oldest in Europe. It was founded on May 12, 1364, by Polish King Casimir the Great. The Jubilee Year 2014 marked the 650th anniversary of this exceptional event.

Since its inception, Jagiellonian University has been an international institution. Poles, Ruthenians, Lithuanians, Hungarians, Germans, Czechs, Swiss, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italians, and even Tatars studied here in the old days.

Today, Jagiellonian University includes 16 faculties, where some 4,000 academic staff conduct research and provide education to more than 40,000 students across more than 80 different fields of study.

Renowned researchers and state-of-the-art infrastructure make the Joint Undertaking one of the leading Polish scientific institutions, collaborating with leading academic centers worldwide.

Jagiellonian University is also home to some 150 student societies, where young researchers pursue their academic interests and make friends with people who share their passion.

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#2 University of Warsaw

The University of Warsaw (UW), founded in 1816, is the best University and an important research center in Poland. The high level of scientific research, its connection to student education, and the variety and attractiveness of our teaching define the University’s position in the country and the world.

The University of Warsaw is one of the top 3% of the best universities in the world. According to international rankings, it is also the best University in Poland and one of the main ones in this region of Europe.

The University is located in the capital of Poland, one of Europe’s most dynamically developing cities. Warsaw is the center of political and economic life and has a lively social and cultural scene. It is steadily climbing the international rankings of the most attractive urban area in the world.

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#3 Warsaw University of Technology

The Warsaw University of Technology builds on the traditions of the Polish technical universities that used to function in Warsaw. It is not only the oldest but also the best technical University in Poland.

In the ranking of Polish universities, it has been in first place in its category for nine years. At the Warsaw University of Technology, more than 180 groups, organizations, and student associations are active.

The educational offer includes more than 30 areas (also with English as a medium of instruction). Offering study programs in English and Polish, WUT is becoming increasingly internationalized and is welcoming students from all over the world to participate in various bachelor’s and master’s programs.

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#4 Adam Mickiewicz Poznan University (UAM)

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland, is the leading academic institution in Greater Poland (Wielkopolska region) and one of the leading Polish universities.

Its 100-year reputation is based on a long tradition of higher education in the city of Poznań and the current outstanding achievements of its staff, students, and graduates.

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#5 AGH University of Science and Technology

The AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow is a modern state university, and the institution promotes collaboration with colleges and universities in Poland, Europe, and around the world. It is important to emphasize that the University’s priority is completing tasks and projects that are part of the knowledge triangle: education – scientific research – innovations.

The AGH University of Science and Technology is a technical university where the exact sciences are strongly represented. It is also where they form the basis for developing a broad spectrum of applied sciences, with an ever-increasing role for the social and human sciences.

In line with global trends, we create new fields of study. Still, at the same time, we maintain the conventional ones, indispensable for the adequate development of science, technology, and our country’s economy.

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#6 Cracow University of Technology

Cracow University of Technology (PK) is an independent state university founded in 1945 under the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. PK is one of the best technical universities in Poland.

The Cracow University of Technology involves eight faculties with 30-degree courses accredited by the Polish Accreditation Committee. In addition, the courses taught by the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Faculty of Architecture are accredited by the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education.

In addition, the architecture course is accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), and the landscape architecture course has gained accreditation from the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) of Europe. The Cracow University of Technology received the European Commission’s Excellence in Human Resources in Research Award.

Currently, nearly 14,000 students are studying full-time, part-time, and doctoral degrees. Studies as well as postgraduate studies with approximately 1,100 academic faculty overseeing their education. The total number of alumni who graduated from PK exceeds 80,000.

Our alumni find jobs in public and private companies, national and international companies, government administration, as well as universities and research institutes. We are committed to ensuring that all PK graduates represent a high level of knowledge and the highest ethical standards so that they can choose from many exciting job offers.

Cooperation with many universities and scientific centers around the world allows for joint publications and research, exchange of students and academic professors, and the possibility of obtaining additional certificates and double degrees. Cooperation with industry is also well developed, and a Technology Transfer Center is active at the University.

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#7 Gdansk University of Technology

The Gdańsk University of Technology (GUT; Polish: Politechnika Gdańska) is a technical university in the district of Wrzeszcz (Langfuhr) in Gdańsk (Danzig) and one of the first universities in Poland. It has nine faculties, 41 fields of study, more than 18,000 undergraduate students, and approximately 626 doctoral candidates. It employs 2768 people, including 1313 academic professors. He was a member of CESAER in 2015.

Some undergraduate courses and different specializations are taught in English. In addition, some of the courses offered by GUT are unique in Poland, for example, in Construction Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Geodesy, and Cartography, in addition to Natural Resources Engineering.

Students have access to specialized laboratories, classrooms with multimedia facilities, a 1.2 million-volume library, and different sports facilities. Undergraduate students can also join one or more than 60 science or language societies and other organizations.

The GUT is the first and only Polish University to be a member of the CDIO Initiative, created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden.

CDIO aims to provide educators with an education that allows them to “conceive, design, implement and operate” pre-industrial technological systems.

An active member of various university networks and associations, for example, Baltic Science Research (coordination of research and education in nanotechnology), Baltic University Network (Uppsala Protocol), and the Baltic Sea Region University Network.

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