Mohammad Yousuf is a former Pakistani cricketer and coach. Before converting to Islam, he joined the Pakistan national cricket team as a Christian player. There is no doubt about it, Yousuf had the immense talent to play cricket and he has won many important matches for Pakistan with his batting. And he announced his retirement from the world of cricket in the year 2010.



A lot of people may not know that Yousuf belonged to the Christian religion but he accepted Islam after being preached, Islam. And today, he himself is often seen in cricket stadiums preaching and offering prayers. Yousuf has a simple personality, even though he is such a big cricket star, he looks just like people, and he doesn’t seem like a legend of Pakistan.
After accepting Islam, Muhammad Yusuf also attracted his wife to Islam and invited her to come to Islam as well. And a surprising thing is that on this Yousuf asked for his wife and she accepted Islam and changed her name to Fatima. Nowadays, Mohammad Yousuf is less seen playing cricket or teaching cricket, but he is more active in the work of religion and keeps his busyness there.

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