Photos of famous Pakistani drama and film actor Humayun Saeed performing Umrah in Saudi Arabia with his wife Samina Humayun are going viral on social media. In the viral pictures, it can be seen that he is wearing Ihram and offering prayers in the courtyard of Haram Sharif. Humayun Saeed has performed Umrah many times before, but this is the first Umrah of the year 2022.




51-year-old Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed started his acting career with Karooron Ka Aadmi, which was recorded in 1995. And in the year 1996, he also won the best actor award, which was given to him for the drama serial Ab Tum Ja Saktay Ho. His fame rose immensely when his drama serial Mere Paas Tum Ho became a record-breaking success worldwide. Due to lack of time, Humayun Saeed is now seen working less on the small screen, playing the hero in one or two films a year.


Humayun Saeed married famous TV producer and director Samina Humayun in 1999. After nearly 25 years of marriage, she is still without the blessing of children. Looking at Humayun’s fitness, it looks like he is still a young hero. He takes great care of his health, exercise, and healthy food due to which he still does not look old by any means. And even today, despite being 51 years old, he is seen playing lead roles in dramas and films.


But in today’s article, we will see some beautiful pictures of Humayun Saeed performing Umrah in Saudi Arabia along with his wife Samina Humayun going viral on social media. In the viral pics, Humayun Saeed can be seen offering prayers and also taking pictures with his wife at some holy places to commemorate these moments.









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